Key milestones

The most significant part of our company’s activity consists of elaboration and execution of precise and important details of our everyday work.
Throughout our operation, we have faced a few cornerstones that now we would like to briefly share with you:

Quintiles Hungary Ltd.– long term cooperation in the field of clinical research activity, international clinical team management and human resources. N&Sz StudyMaster is a Golden Grade preferred vendor of Quintiles.

N&Sz StudyMaster is in registered vendor/partner status of the following companies:

  • Novartis Hungary Ltd
  • Astra-Zeneca
  • Roche Hungary Ltd
  • Janssen-Cilag Hungary Lt
  • Abbvie Hungary Ltd

Examples of projects we have participated in:

  •  „Manage it well” program – a globally unique patient program sponsored by Knoll Pharmaceutical with a high number of patients involved (n=5.468) in the field of hypertension, entirely designed and coordinated by us. Laszló Szirmai MD published the results of the program at the world congress hypertension and in several leading professional journals, such as Journal of Hypertension.
  • INVEST – bringing the second biggest cardiovascular trial sponsored by Knoll Pharmaceutical ever done in the world to Hungary, coordinating and monitoring it in 28 national centers. In the Hungarian trial we managed to involve the second highest number of patients in Europe, (n=333), and at the end of the trial – Hungary being the only country– we managed to reach an exceptionally high, 100% evaluation rate.
  • STICH – a trial sponsored by NIH, introduced and started in all the Hungarian cardiac surgery centers, requiring exceptionally high level of professional criteria; fully comprehensive national and international licensing, involvement of centers, site management.

We are proud of the fact that the centers coordinated by us, involved the highest number of patients in Hungary in the course of several phase trials.