Our professional experience – Main references

Clinical pharmacology examination

-Szilvia Nemere MD, 2003,
-László Szirmai MD, 2004

More than 30 experienced CRA and CTA

Human resources management :

-Quintiles Hungary Ltd.
-Abbott/Abbvie Laboratories Ltd., Hungary
-MSD Ltd. Hungary
-Johnson and Johnson (Janssen-Cilag) Ltd. Hungary
-Novartis Hungary Ltd.
-Roche Hungary Ltd.
-Sanofi-Aventis Co. Ltd. Hungary
-Axiom International Inc. Serbia
-Clinical Research Consulting Group LLC, US
-Pharm-Olam International (Hungary) Ltd.
-AstraZeneca Hungary Ltd.

 Organizing, coordinating and monitoring phase II, III, IV and non-interventional trials

Our reference partners:

-National Institute of Health, (NHLBI), Duke University Research Institute, USA
-University of Florida – USA,
-Clinical Research Services – Germany
-Quintiles - Hungary
-Verum, Trial Masters – Hungary
-Knoll BASF Pharma, Abbott Laboratories, MSD – Hungary

Market research:

-Our reference partners:
-Alliance of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies,
-Knoll BASF Pharma,
-Schering AG

Our clients are either multinational pharmaceutical companies or other CROs. Depending upon each client's specific requirements, all our services can be commissioned as either an integral part of a large project or else as a stand-alone service.

Why working with us?

N&SZ StudyMaster has brought together a team of experienced personnel with a proven track record in managing clinical trials. The result of our expertise, creativity and dynamism is a top quality service ensuring our clients’ satisfaction, each and every time.
The keywords of our company policy:

-Experience in clinical research
-Full compliance with current ICH GCP guidelines
-Speed of site selection, high rate and reliable estimation of patient recruitment
-Strict adherence to deadlines
-Team spirit of co-operation on all projects

According to the needs, we are able to perform long term, precise and persistent efficiency as well as urgent, high intensity output.
We have built a wide range of relationship in Hungary, and also in the international medical society, with the help of which we can help you enhance your professional success.

In addition to all of these facts, if you appreciate our routine and proficiency in international projects, and cooperation with foreign associates, the high level of organization ability and experience in teamwork, you should choose us! Let us achieve success together!