Our professional experience – Main references

Clinical pharmacology examination

-Szilvia Nemere MD, 2003,
-László Szirmai MD, 2004

More than 30 experienced CRA and CTA

Human resources management :

-Quintiles Hungary Ltd.
-Abbott/Abbvie Laboratories Ltd., Hungary
-MSD Ltd. Hungary
-Johnson and Johnson (Janssen-Cilag) Ltd. Hungary
-Novartis Hungary Ltd.
-Roche Hungary Ltd.
-Sanofi-Aventis Co. Ltd. Hungary
-Axiom International Inc. Serbia
-Clinical Research Consulting Group LLC, US
-Pharm-Olam International (Hungary) Ltd.
-AstraZeneca Hungary Ltd.

 Organizing, coordinating and monitoring phase II, III, IV and non-interventional trials

Our reference partners:

-National Institute of Health, (NHLBI), Duke University Research Institute, USA
-University of Florida – USA,
-Clinical Research Services – Germany
-Quintiles - Hungary
-Verum, Trial Masters – Hungary
-Knoll BASF Pharma, Abbott Laboratories, MSD – Hungary

Market research:

-Our reference partners:
-Alliance of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies,
-Knoll BASF Pharma,
-Schering AG

Our clients are either multinational pharmaceutical companies or other CROs. Depending upon each client's specific requirements, all our services can be commissioned as either an integral part of a large project or else as a stand-alone service.